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InternSHPE *NEW!*

early career panels held
internship applications received

We were thrilled to introduce a new and exciting offering to our members this past year. Launched in summer of 2021, InternSHPE connects SHPE with a corporate partner to build brand awareness for members through various events and specially tailored support.

Among the customized services offered are facilitated virtual networking and community building events for interns before, during, and after their internships; organized pre-internship experiences to integrate interns into the company culture; and coordinated co-learning programs related to project management and finances. All are geared toward ensuring our members’ short and long term success in their STEM careers.

Longtime IPC member, Raytheon Technologies, stepped-up to help us pilot this program for the summer, and then Medtronic took over in the fall. At least 171 SHPE members attended one of the 8 early career panels, and nearly 200 applications were received for internships.

In the case of Medtronic, 35 internship offers were accepted which increased Hispanic intern representation by over 300% from the prior year!  And of these interns, 40% were female, and 68% were first-generation college students. With results like these, InterSHPE is proving to be one of our most successful, mission-focused programs.

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