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Noche de Ciencias *IT’S BACK!*


Noche de Ciencias is back and better than ever. This program aims to engage and inspire Hispanic youth (and their parents) to pursue STEM degrees and careers. Events are delivered by chapters, regions, or centrally coordinated by SHPE staff, and may be hosted at the target school, community venue, or virtually. This program is structured to achieve three core objectives:

  1. Increasing STEM awareness
  2. Increasing STEM self-efficacy
  3. Increasing STEM identity

In spring of 2021, three of these events were held virtually across our Western, Central, and Eastern regions. A total of 234 students participated and learned about the profound possibilities of STEM as their future.  SHPE also funded three chapter events in 2021 supporting an additional 294 students, 55 parents, and 18 educators.

In September, Noche de Ciencias partnered with Facebook’s Beats Unlocked attracting online participation nationwide. Marlon Richardson from Hip Hop for Change emceed the event, and Erika Jiménez, Ed Mod Lead from Meta (FKA Facebook), was the featured speaker. 85 students and 89 parents participated and the seeds of STEM were planted among our next generation of the SHPE Familia.

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