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SHPE Passport to… Series *NEW*

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given to help participants attence the 2021 National Convention

Here at SHPE, we are always looking for new, impactful ways to support our graduate members. To this end, we started the “SHPE Passport to…” webinar series. In partnership with an industry leader, we provide insights into career options for those who have earned or are working on an advanced degree.

The first installment was brought by Dow and SHPE’s National Graduate Committee and called “Passport to Dow.” Over the course of 3 months, four webinars covered the kinds of jobs available to Hispanics with an advanced degree in STEM, as well as specific opportunities with Dow. A total of 77 attendees, representing 29 different institutions, joined. In the end, $4,600 in incentives were given to participants of the program to assist them in attending the 2021 National Convention. All in all, it was a very beneficial and meaningful endeavor, as seen in this message from Dow, Inc.

“We would like to thank the participants who attended the “Passport to Dow” program. This series of events was meant to give participants an inside perspective of what a career in industry looks like and to provide helpful information to making more informed decisions along their career journeys. Along the way, we hoped that you all got some insight into the culture of Team Dow and the diverse people, jobs, and technologies that the company takes great pride in showcasing. The panelists and speakers from Dow were impressed with the professionalism and interactive nature of the discussions and wish you all the best as you pursue your graduate degrees. Thank you!”

Based on the success of this series, a new installment will be offered in 2022 called, “Passport to M.A.D. (My Advanced Degree) Careers.”

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