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#SHPEReads: GRADS Edition *NEW!*

kickoff meeting attendees

#SHPEReads is an inaugural program that came to be as a result of ongoing social distancing, irregular in-person academics, and continued feelings of isolation. Looking for additional ways to virtually connect and educate our members, we started a “book club” of sorts.

#SHPEReads places students into an online community to discuss literature, whether it be books, articles, or essays. Topics are selected to address critical issues facing the participants, and a discussion is led by authors or facilitated by volunteer leaders. Participants learn from both the content and each other.

In November 2021, we unveiled #SHPEReads: GRADS (GRaduate & Advanced Degree Students) Edition. Attended by 81 SHPE members, the first meeting discussed the paper “Survival Skills for Graduate School and Beyond”, and author Dr. Michael Zigmond led a 90-minute conversation around what it takes to make it through the challenges of graduate work.

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